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The Leelanau Peninsula is the little finger of Michigan’s mitten

It is a place inhabited, visited and appreciated by aesthetes of all kinds--visual, dramatic and musical artists, writers, poets and dancers.  Vintners, craft brewers, restauranteurs, chefs and farmers.  Photographers, explorers, adventurers, and more than a few celebrities and their families call this diverse place home. There are beaches, replete with every water sport, there is big water sport fishing, and there are rivers for fly fishing, canoeing and kayaking.  There are mountains to climb and ski, trails to ski, run, bike, hike and meander along.  Marinas, golf courses, country clubs, libraries and art centers abound.  Festivals, quiet places, museums, coffee houses, churches and music venues happily coexist. 

The word “Leelanau” has often been translated to mean “Land of Delight.”  And no wonder.  It is a place so dynamic and beautiful, one can’t help but ask, are these aesthetes, these artists and appreciators of art in all of its manifestations drawn to this incomparable place, or does this place, with all of its beauty and bounty, create them once they are here?